Pool party







Lets party, again

Lets party

Party animal

I couldn’t miss my dear friend Rachel’s sweet 16 birthday party and asked my parents to take me to the celebration. I had an amazing time! I made so many friends, played with balloons, and danced the night away.

Rory 0.8

My eight months birthday took a whole weekend to celebrate! Friday I had a mini celebration with my parents. Saturday night grandparents threw a party. And Sunday my family from Staten Island came for a visit. It was a very busy weekend, but I managed to fit a photo session into my schedule, so here are the long awaited pictures :)

Partying the night away

I am happy to report that I did not sleep thru the new year! Waking up half past eleven, I had plenty of time to get ready and make my grand entrance. I wore my new dress and the crown. The celebration was a blast: everyone was taking pictures and I was the life of the party :)